Economic vitality in rural Georgia is the singular goal of the OneGeorgia Authority – and we have the tools to help make it happen. From land acquisition, infrastructure development, airport enhancements and broadband creation to machinery purchases, business relocation assistance and entrepreneur support, OneGeorgia provides grants and loans for these economic development activities to qualified applicants.

Our task at the OneGeorgia Authority is to serve as a financial partner and catalyst in helping our rural communities maintain excellent quality of life advantages while also creating sustainable and diversified economies. Local governments, local-government authorities, joint or multi-county development authorities, lending institutions and airport authorities are qualified applicants. Learn if your geographic area is eligible. Learn more about our programs.


Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)

The OneGeorgia Authority hereby notifies interested applicants of the availability of funds in the Equity Program in the form of grants, loans and any other forms of assistance authorized by (O.C.G.A...

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Featured Project

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Equity Fund - Clay County, Suttons Corner Museum

We at OneGeorgia want to continue to inform you of where we are putting dollars to work in rural communities, and we are proud that we were instrumental in assisting Clay County in recovering, acquiring and stabilizing the contents of the Suttons Corner, Frontier Country Store Museum in the City of Fort Gaines. Originally located on the edge of a long ago plantation, this ancient frontier store complex has been recovered and moved to the Globe Tavern and Inn stagecoach stop in historic Ft. Ga...
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