Grant & Loan Awards: Baker County

E 9-1-1

Baker County

E 9-1-1 Fund: $399,790

Awarded: 06/11/2008

Applicant: Miller County, Baker County

E 9-1-1 funds to upgrade Miller County’s E 9-1-1 system with a mapping system for wireless uses and to provide E 9-1-1 service to Baker County. Currently, Baker County does not provide E 9-1-1 service. All E 9-1-1 phone calls in the County are connected to The Thomasville State Patrol Post. The new system will allow Miller County to dispatch calls to whoever is best suited to handle them in Miller County which will enhance efficiency and possibly save lives. Additional benefits for this new regional system include realized cost savings for each county while increasing the level of service for Miller County, and the system will also allow emergency personnel to pinpoint the exact location of the caller.

Total Budgeted Project Cost: $471,385

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