Grant & Loan Awards: Brooks County


Brooks County

EDGE Fund: $375,000

Awarded: 09/18/2008

Applicant: Brooks County Development Authority

EDGE grant funds to assist with building improvements to support the location of Crown Health Care Laundry Services, Inc. (CHLS), a full-service healthcare laundry processor and linen rental company, to Quitman. The Company plans to locate in an existing 80,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. CHLS, founded in 1955, has processing facilities in Selma, AL; Pensacola, FL; and Columbia, SC. Currently all of these facilities are operating at full capacity. The Company markets to the healthcare industry and currently has contracts with hospital and nursing home facilities in the south-central regions of Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi. Services include linen rental, clinic route service, surgical pack assembly, on-premise laundry management and direct linen sales. According to the Textile Rental Services Association’s 2008 Strategic Analysis, textile services market will surpass $14 billion in sales in 2008. This project is in competition with Florida.

Total Budgeted Project Cost: $5,190,000

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