Grant & Loan Awards: Elbert County


Elbert County

ESB Fund: $25,000

Awarded: 01/08/2008

Applicant: Pinnacle Bank (Allen's BBQ)

ESB loan guarantee for land acquisition to support Allen’s Famous BBQ, a start up restaurant in Elberton. John Allen has been selling barbeque base sauce in Elbert, Hart, Wilkes and Oglethorpe Counties for over 50 years. The barbeque base is a sweet and spicy blend of herbs that enhance the flavor of the smoked meats. The recipe used is a closely held old family recipe and has been handed down through the generations. Mr. Allen has been traveling around from fairs to festivals and the like to sell his ware. Now because of popular demand, Mr. Allen wants a stable place to sell on the weekends, giving his fans a weekly fill of what they want as well as hoping to gain new followers for his barbeque. The plan is to start small and stay small, with a focus on quality service and good eating. The store will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with a full breakfast menu served in the morning and barbeque for lunch and dinner. Pinnacle Bank in Elberton is the lender.

Total Budgeted Project Cost: $50,000

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