Grant & Loan Awards: Emanuel County


Emanuel County

EDGE Fund: $300,000

Awarded: 03/01/2004

Applicant: Emanuel County and the City of Swainsboro, Development Authority of

EDGE funds to construct a building expansion and provide parking-lot paving for an existing manufacturer in Swainsboro, Capro, Inc. Capro, Inc. is a manufacturer of mechanical cables (commonly found on lawnmowers and snow blowers) that is located in a 37,000 SF facility in Swainsboro. The company will retain its current 130 jobs, create 35 new jobs and make additional private investment of approximately $145,857. The company has made previous capital investments worth $1.9MM. Swainsboro, Emanuel County is in competition with Benton, Louisiana.

Total Budgeted Project Cost: $1,267,900

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