Grant & Loan Awards: Grady County


Grady County

Equity Fund: $200,000

Awarded: 09/13/2005

Applicant: Grady County Joint Development Authority

Equity funds to assist with building acquisition costs for the purchase of the former W.B. Roddenbery processing plant site, a 300,000 square-feet building situated on an 85-acre site within one mile of downtown Cairo. The building is strongly connected with the history of the community, W.B. Roddenbery Company operated in Grady County from 1889 to 1995. In 1995, the company was purchased by Dean Foods. At its peak, the food processing company employed over 500, but by the time the facility was closed in 2002, only 30 employees remained. Local strategy includes potentially subdividing the existing facility to accommodate multiple industries or uses, hence reducing start-up and lead time for time sensitive industrial prospects.

Total Budgeted Project Cost: $1,320,000

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