Grant & Loan Awards: Harris County


Harris County

Equity Fund: $500,000

Awarded: 06/15/2011

Applicant: Valley Partnership JDA/Road Infrastructure

Equity grant funds to assist with the extension of South Progress Parkway, creating a complete road system throughout Northwest Harris Business Park. Hoover Universal, Inc., a tier one supplier to Kia, is a current tenant in the Park and is currently undergoing facility expansion. This expansion will create 175 additional new jobs and an additional $12.8 million in private investment. In order to ease traffic controls and ensure transportation safety throughout the park, South Progress Parkway must be extended to join Progress Parkway to create another access to Highway 103. The road extension will improve the delivery of products to the Kia facility, enable existing companies in the park to proceed with expansion plans and assist in enhancing recruitment efforts to bring in new companies to the park.

Total Budgeted Project Cost: $13,800,000

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