Grant & Loan Awards: Hart County


Hart County

Equity Fund: $300,000

Awarded: 12/07/2009

Applicant: Hart County Water and Sewer Authority

Equity grant funds to assist with water improvements to benefit Cobb-Vantress, Inc. (CVI) and Crystal Farms, Inc. (CFI), two of the state’s leading poultry industries. Cobb-Vantress is a leading supplier of broiler breeding stock and is currently served by three groundwater wells. A consistent, reliable water source is needed to hydrate and cool the 60,000 great grandparent birds at the location. Their 43 employees also take approximately 100 showers a day. Crystal Farms, Inc. is the largest commercial egg producer in the state of Georgia and the southwestern Hart County facility houses 1.4 million hens. The site currently has sixteen wells, three of which are dry. With a cumulative $24 million private investment and nearly 100 jobs, both poultry companies, located along an unserved 10-mile stretch of Hwy 29, are without fire protection and must solely rely on private wells for water. Over the past several years, both companies have had to rotate water supplies to sustain operations. Improvements include an interconnection between Hart County's Water Authority and the City of Royston.

Total Budgeted Project Cost: $4,988,300

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