Grant & Loan Awards: Heard County


Date Awarded



Equity funds to assist with the development of a regional comprehensive marketing/tourism plan to effectively position the Hwy 27 corridor and the associated 18 counties as a travel and tourism “destination of choice.” The Hwy 27 Association was formed to promote economic development, tourism and the protection of cultural and scenic resources along US Hwy 27, which runs 352 miles along the western portion of the State. The Association's 18 member counties seek to build on their existing tourism industry and develop additional products. The group has provided $52,000 of in-kind work/investment to-date, and they recognize the value of developing key partnerships and alliances. These include working with GA DOT on their plans to four-lane Hwy 27. Add 18 counties


Equity funds for construction of a secondary water system and expansion/upgrade of existing treatment facility to provide capacity for existing industry expansion, two large electric power generating companies and a growing three-county regional area.

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