Grant & Loan Awards: Liberty County


Liberty County

EDGE Fund: $887,039

Awarded: 08/15/2002

Applicant: Liberty County Industrial Authority

EDGE funds for construction of a 28,328 square foot assembly/distribution facility to be owned by the Liberty County Development Authority. The facility will be leased to eMotion Mobility LLC, which will install machinery and equipment with a value of $2,705,000. eMotion Mobility LLC will build electric cars for a new mobility program linked to transit and rail travel, launching a mobility program in Atlanta. eMotion Mobility LLC projects the creation of 84 jobs within five years of operation with a total payroll of $2,000,000 per year projected by its fifth year. The total cost of the project is $4,475,153.

Total Budgeted Project Cost: $4,287,190

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