Grant & Loan Awards: Montgomery County


Montgomery County

BRIDGE Fund: $51,418

Awarded: 01/30/2007

Applicant: Montgomery County

BRIDGE funds to assist with the cost of feasibility studies needed to determine the economic benefits and costs of providing wireless high-speed broadband access to Montgomery and Wheeler Counties. The applicant indicates that there is limited access to broadband connectivity...the majority having slow dial-up access or limited DSL access in the more urban areas. Specifically, Georgia Tech's TechSmart program will work with the community leadership and stakeholders to develop a technology roadmap, filling in the gaps in broadband internet access to maximize its economic impacts. Camvera Networks has been engaged to review and determine potential sites for antennas and towers necessary to deliver high-speed Internet access across a regional Broadband network. Both the private and public sector indicate the need for dependable and low cost broadband access as essential to development of the region's economic development capacity.

Total Budgeted Project Cost: $64,272

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