Grant & Loan Awards: Randolph County


Randolph County

Equity Fund: $400,000

Awarded: 12/07/2009

Applicant: Randolph County Development Authority

Equity loan funds to assist with the purchase of machinery and equipment in support of the location of A.G. Daniel Industries, LLC to Randolph County, Georgia. A.G. Daniel Industries is a Georgia company which will manufacture cattle feed product from cotton gin waste material which is currently being disposed of via burning. This product can replace high quality cattle feed at a price that is significantly lower than the market price of other feed products. The Company will also reclaim 11.5% good quality cotton lint which will be baled in industry standard 500 pound bales and sold to cotton product manufacturers. The processing equipment will also collect and separate what is known as mote cotton which will also be baled and sold to either a mote processor or a company that manufactures products from the short fiber material, such as money, insulation and furniture padding. A.G. Daniel will create at least 70 new jobs within two years and invest over $5 million in the community.

Total Budgeted Project Cost: $6,429,990

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