Grant & Loan Awards: Sumter County


Sumter County

Equity Fund: $500,000

Awarded: 03/07/2008

Applicant: Andersonville, City of

Equity funds to assist with the replacement of the 30 year old wastewater treatment system. This replacement will help the City of Andersonville retain a major employer and support its thriving tourism industry. The failing wastewater treatment plant threatens to shutdown the City’s sewage and water systems which would result in a loss of both Plant One, which produces aluminum silicates and the associated administrative buildings of Mullite Company of America (Mulcoa). Mulcoa mines and processes over one million tons of kaolin and bauxite ores annually. In addition, without water, the Andersonville National Historic Site and the National Prisoner of War Museum would be required to shut down. The City has been fined $600 by EPD for exceeding the permit limit. Fines of up to $50,000 a day from EPD could be levied against the City if this problem is not corrected.

Total Budgeted Project Cost: $536,533

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