Grant & Loan Awards: Sumter County


Sumter County

Equity Fund: $402,022

Awarded: 01/30/2007

Applicant: Plains, City of

Equity funds to address the degradation of this small town's water and sewer lines which are threatening the livelihood of a regional employer as well as the tourism industry. The project includes the replacement of asbestos water lines with new C900 PVC water lines, installation of cut-off valves, and an upgrade to a sewage lift station. Windham Casting, a maker of outdoor furniture, stated that the infrastructure improvements were necessary to maintain its operations in Plains with 110 jobs. The company has committed to retain the 110 existing jobs and also to create 11 new jobs contingent upon the completion of the required infrastructure improvements. Frequent repairs to the system now result in poor water quality and pressure as well as a strong odor that negatively impacts local businesses and the City’s tourist trade. This project will sustain an important local employer's presence while also adding economic development capacity.

Total Budgeted Project Cost: $476,065

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