Grant & Loan Awards: Treutlen County


Treutlen County

BRIDGE Fund: $39,440

Awarded: 06/11/2008

Applicant: Dublin, City of

BRIDGE funds to assist with the cost of a feasibility study to design and engineer a high speed wireless broadband network between the City of Dublin and the Treutlen County Industrial Park. This network link will connect the new Range Fuels Plant located in the Treutlen County Industrial Park in Soperton to the City of Dublin’s network data center. The objective of the feasibility study is to provide immediate broadband service to Range Fuels’ new bio-fuels plant currently under construction in Soperton. It is essential that Range Fuels have access to a broadband width that will allow for real-time transmission of data from its plant in Treutlen County to its headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Currently, the availability of this essential wireless capability through the local telephone operator, PlantTel, in Treutlen County is non-existent. However, the City of Dublin is only 20 miles away from the plant’s new facility and has almost unlimited capacity to the largest internet connections in the Southeast. This foundation could potentialy benefit a multi-county area.

Total Budgeted Project Cost:

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