Grant & Loan Awards: Turner County


Turner County

ESB Fund: $62,500

Awarded: 06/14/2006

Applicant: Community National Bank (Katz Veterinary Service)

ESB loan guarantee for Katz Veterinary Services, LLC., located in Ashburn, GA. Katz Veterinary Services, LLC, an animal clinic for sale by the current owners, is being purchased by Dr. Alexander Katz, who worked in the office for several years as a staff veterinarian. Dr. Katz and his wife Rebecca, a veterinarian practicing in Cordele, have become established in the area and would like to grow the business in Ashburn. Ashburn-Turner County does not have another veterinarian office and the closest alternative would be Sylvester, Tifton or Cordele. Community National Bank of Ashburn is the lender.

Total Budgeted Project Cost: $125,000

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