Grant & Loan Awards: Brantley County


Date Awarded



AIRGeorgia funds to rehabilitate and extend the 3,000 x 50 ft. runway with a 4,000 x 75 ft. runway. Brantley County seeks to leverage its economic assets including the intersection of Hwy 301 & 82 in Nahunta; proximity to I-95 and the Port of Brunswick (22 miles); and an existing industrial park (two miles from airport) with water/sewer infrastructure that is fronted by CSX rail service. Community leaders see the proposed airport infrastructure improvements as a critical investment toward securing long-term economic vitality in Brantley County in the global economy. Brantley County cited the inability of statewide project managers, prospects and business owners to land at the local airport. Visitors land in Waycross (a 60 minute drive) and are transported to Nahunta. The County hopes to extend the runway to 5,000 feet using federal funds, if available, in fiscal 2009.


Equity funds to provide public infrastructure, specially water and sewer, to the 54.56-acre industrial park Brantley County Industrial Authority is currently developing. The park is located approximately 1-1/2 miles east of the City of Nahunta on Hwy #82.

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