Grant & Loan Awards: Glynn County


Date Awarded



Equity funds to purchase approximately 50 acres of land needed for a 7,671 foot rail connection between Norfolk Southern and CSX Transportation rail lines. The proposed connection will shorten the time to move cargo to and from the Colonel’s Island Terminal from the Norfolk Southern line. As a result of this connection, several things will occur: Mercedes Benz will transport 40,000 more automobiles per year (doubling to 80,000), grain tonnage transported by rail via the Port of Brunswick will increase over 200%, a total of 34 grade crossings will be eliminated which will allow improvement in traffic flow and a reduction of safety hazards and 5,100 vehicle hours will be saved. The proposed rail improvements will greatly enhance the competitiveness of the Port of Brunswick versus other Southeastern cities, which will have a state-wide impact as more goods and services are processed through the State of Georgia.

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