Grant & Loan Awards: Putnam County


Date Awarded



Equity grant funds of $500,000 will be used to assist with the construction of an access road and entryway into the newly acquired 130-acre tract of land, Rock Eagle Science & Technology Park. The project site is located along US Hwy 441, just north of the City of Eatonton and 14 miles from I-20 in Madison. The site plan for the Park consists of 21 parcels ranging from 3.4 to 10.6 acres which will be marketed to small and medium-sized technology-sector companies. The Putnam County high school campus is located on 129 acres on the northern end of the property and the Science Technology Park will be located on 130 acres on the south end of the property. In order to market to potential tenants, it is necessary to construct an entryway into the Science and Technology Park.


Equity funds to restore the old Eatonton/Putnam County Jail into a Law Enforcement Museum. The building is located in historic downtown area of Eatonton and will feature a 1950's jail and other artifacts. The applicant states that the museum will be the home of the regional Judicial Archive, an impressive collection of rare memorabilia spanning the history of law enforcement from 1895 to today. An on-line tour, The History of Law and Order in rural Georgia will further knowledge judicial history. The business plan projects that 60% of revenues would come from membership/admissions and 40% would be generated from grants, sponsorships, special events and other sources. A feasibility study conducted by Georgia Southern states the museum will add a complementary asset to Georgia Lake Counties' rich collection of history and cultural sites.


EDGE funds to assist with the purchase of equipment that will support the relocation of the Pennsylvania distribution center to the current Eatonton distribution center for Haband Company. Haband, a 78-year old family business, serves over five million customers directly by U.S. mail. Haband offers a full line of men's and women's apparel and accessories. Eatonton, Putnam County is in competition with Charleston, South Carolina. The project will create an additional 125 jobs while retaining the existing 269 jobs at the Eatonton distribution facility and the existing 250 jobs at the call center in Athens, Georgia.

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