Award Funds Available

Nancy Cobb, Executive Director

Nancy Cobb, Executive Director

As our nation faces the toughest economic crisis since the great depression, so do all Georgians. With potential deficits in the state’s general fund reaching into the billions, our authority and your communities must all manage very conservatively. Governor Perdue has recommended to the members of the general assembly that the annual allocation of tobacco settlement funds to OneGeorgia Authority be reduced for Fiscal 2009 and withheld completely for Fiscal 2010.

Fortunately, under the Governor’s leadership as chairman of the OneGeorgia Authority for the last six years, we have accrued healthy cash reserves; reserves that are to be used in tough economic times. It is important that all of our stakeholders and partners know that we are continuing normal operations using these reserve funds for the remainder of FY 09 and all of FY 2010. Our doors are open for business, and we look forward to working with our rural communities to attract the businesses and jobs crucial to your local economies.

Since the inception of the OneGeorgia Authority in October of 2000, we have made 427 Awards to 122 rural Georgia counties in the amount of $231 Million with a return on investment of 18:1. The long term job creation/retention of 41,212 jobs is currently at 81% of projections. OneGeorgia and our rural communities have made two significant strides by developing more regional partnerships and working in tandem to grow jobs with greater private investment capital.

Please continue to refer to our website,, for full details of each of our programs along with applications for each.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future,

Nancy C. Cobb, CEcD Executive Director