Changes to Equity Regulations

by OneGeorgia Authority

Revision to Equity Program Regulations: At the March 7, 2008, OneGeogia Authority Board meeting, board members approved a change to the Equity regulations. Executive Director, Nancy Cobb stated that the revision to the Equity Program regulation pertains to Section 413, 2(a) wherein the word ownership would be replaced with the word support. Cobb stated that approximately one year ago, a third tier award of up to $1,000,000 was added to the program for multi-county projects which meet certain criteria, part of which is stated in Section 413, 2(a) where the project evidences ownership by a multi-county development authority where at least one of the participating counties is a directly eligible county. Cobb said that ownership of infrastructure by multi-county development authorities or Georgia counties is not always realistic, and it was determined that support would be a more appropriate word. Governor Perdue said this revision will help clarify the actual intent of the regulation, which is to encourage strong regional partnerships and to nurture regional collaboration.