Grant & Loan Programs: ESB

Entrepreneur and Small Business Development Loan Guarantee Program

The OneGeorgia Authority, funded by one-third of the state’s Master Tobacco Settlement, understands that entrepreneurship will be crucial in shaping the future of rural Georgia. We know that entrepreneurs are a large part of the seedbed for small-business ownership, creating opportunities to fill local and regional needs with home-grown and locally owned business establishments. These rural business establishments are strong economic drivers because they aren’t likely to be exported to another country; they contribute to rural Georgia’s economy through the creation of high-skilled jobs, and they positively enhance our quality of life which ultimately leads to economic prosperity for all.

By partnering with accredited Georgia financial institutions, the OneGeorgia Authority will provide new financial resources and opportunities for business development in Georgia’s at-risk areas through the Entrepreneur and Small Business Development Loan Guarantee Program (ESB).

With Georgia Grown Business Loans, eligible entrepreneurs and small business owners living in rural areas may reap the benefits of their hard work and hometown loyalty. The OneGeorgia Authority and accredited Georgia financial institutions will provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with access to loans ranging from $35,000 up to $250,000 at competitive interest rates. This unique public-private partnership allows any accredited financial institution in Georgia access to these shared-risk loan funds, provided the ESB-funded project is geographically located in one of Georgia’s designated ESB Counties. Start-ups and small business owners are encouraged to seek assistance from one of the area offices of the Georgia SBDC (Small Business Development Center) in the development of business and marketing plans as well as financial projections, strengthening their application for an ESB Loan Guarantee from their lender of choice.

The OneGeorgia Authority offers rural Georgians a hand up, not a hand out. With an ESB Georgia Grown Business Loan, the future is in your hands.