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Macon Bibb County Industrial Authority-Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops Warehouse

Bass Pro Shops Warehouse

In April 2005 OneGeorgia awarded a $1,500,000 EDGE grant to the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority to assist with the location of a new 450,000 SF distribution center in Bibb County on behalf of Bass Pro Shops, Inc. The project was estimated to cost $53,000,000 and would create approximately 270 new jobs.

In three short years, the project is complete, within the original budget and has exceeded job creation. The distribution center opened in April 2006, and the retail store opened for business in October 2006. As of November 2008, there are 404 employees, a 49% increase over expectations. Bibb County’s sales tax revenue increased by $345,000 in Bass Pro Shop’s first full year of operation

The facility, situated on a 60-acre site adjacent to Interstate 75 on Bass Road, is the Company’s first regional distribution center outside the Springfield, Missouri, headquarters and serves 17 stores. In addition, Bass Pro Shops constructed a 120,000 SF retail store on the site. A unique feature about this project includes a common wall shared by the distribution center and retail store. This wall contains windows that allow visitors to watch the operation of an automated merchandising distribution center.

Bass Pro Shops, named the #1 outdoor retailer in America by Sporting Goods Business Magazine, is known for combining retail with entertainment, conservation and outdoor education. In January of 2008 Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris was recognized as the “Retail Innovator of the Year” by the National Retail Federation for the companies’ unique store concepts and designs. Starting with just eight feet of retail space in a small store in Springfield, Missouri back in 1971, Bass Pro Shops began by offering a selection of the latest gear from the fledgling bass tournament fishing trail. Today, the name Bass Pro Shops is world renowned.

Bass Pro Shops stores are much more than just retail stores. The sights and sounds of the outdoors are brought indoors through museum-quality wildlife dioramas, huge murals and chandeliers depicting outdoor scenes, massive log and rock work, waterfalls and other water features and aquariums stocked with native fish species. The attention to the finest detail from wildlife tracks in the concrete, to wildlife carvings on logs and rafters is what helps add to the uniqueness of a Bass Pro Shops store.

A local theme can be felt throughout all Bass Pro Shops stores with use of artifacts and memorabilia from the area as well as historic photos of local outdoor enthusiast that pay tribute to the great outdoor heritage of the region. Laser galleries, climbing walls, archery ranges, and more add to the family entertainment.

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