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Can multi-year commitments be made under the Equity fund?

It is highly likely that most projects will take longer than one year to implement, and if funded, the award from the OneGeorgia Authority may be carried forward for longer than a one-year period. On the other hand, certain projects may be too large and/or complex as to need to be implemented in phases. In such cases, the OneGeorgia Authority's commitment will be only f...

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Can Equity money be used to fund salaries?

Equity Funds are not intended to fund what should be routine, on-going community and economic development efforts at the local or regional level, such as the staffing of various development authority offices. One time technical assistance efforts, on the other hand, are eligible and may be competitive if well justified, and if the application demonstrates the local comm...

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Can Equity funds be used for grant preparation and management?

No. If consultants or grant writers were employed to write and/or manage Equity grants, we would expect the applicant to provide the funds outside the actual grant award as part of its contribution/match to the project. There may be rare instances, however, when overwhelming justification and documentation submitted by the applicant might be sufficient to justify granti...

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